Collected works by Elle Shutty

One of the biggest things I wanted to add to my repurposing project was add a pre- and post-test to see if reading the booklet actually changed the minds of the girls who read the booklet. I ask the same questions on both tests but I changed the pictures to similar ones. Individual tests may not mean that much but compiled with other ones the statistics might take on significance. To make sure that the pre- and post- tests were about the same I could swap which test I gave before and after and compare the results to see if there were any differences based just on the different versions of the tests. The pre-test could be given immediately before the booklets were read but the post-tests would be given two weeks after the booklet. I’m sure if you had the girls take the test right after the booklet they would remember what they learned but waiting a couple weeks would test how much they actually retained. And it would have to be explained to them that there were no wrong answers on the test.

On the front page I changed “workbook” to “book” because it is better if the girls reading the booklets didn’t think of them as “work.” I also added a wrap-up section to the booklet. I didn’t want to repeat myself so instead I tried to apply it back to the girls themselves. I think that the ideal audience for this booklet would be younger than I had originally anticipated. I had my younger sisters in mind at first and they are 12 and 15, but honestly I don’t think they would have much trouble with modern feminist texts. The vocabulary might be all I would change about a current article, and I might add footnotes to explain terms they might not be familiar with. I think that I ended up targeting an entirely different, much younger audience who couldn’t get anything from trying to read such scholarly articles. So I’m happy with my tone even if it wasn’t what I planned on at first, and I decided to leave it the way it was because as it is it can be read by the biggest group of girls. In the final draft I changed several instances where I used language that was too advanced or complicated for my new, younger target audience.


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