Collected works by Elle Shutty


Once upon a time there was a girl named Jacinta. She lived with her parents and her little brother.




>Jacinta’s father has some kind of light-colored hair, her mother has brown-toned skin and short curly hair. Little brother and Jacinta have medium-colored skin dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. The whole family with be of an average weight. Jacinta will have the figure of a pre-puberty girl<




One day her brother got very, very sick. The doctor said that the only way he could be healed was by drinking water from a magic spring. The only problem was that the spring was far away, across many dangerous lands.


>picture of sick brother, female doctor<


Jacinta decided to go on a quest to bring some of the water back for her brother. Before she left, her mother gave her a sword and her father gave her an old map showing the path to the spring.


>drawing of sword, map<



Jacinta followed the map to a dark forest. She made a torch from some bark and started following the twisting trail through the trees.


>picture of Jacinta, sword at her side, walking confidently through the forest. Everything should be dark except for where her torch lights the way. An owl can be watching from a tree, maybe a wolf too<



When she walked out of the forest she walked into a world of snow. Water soaked into her shoes and she realized she was in the middle of a shallow pond. But then the pond began to freeze and pull her down. It was quicksand made out of ice!



>Jacinta is being pulled down into a frozen lake, it looks like quicksand…but it’s ice. As stated above<



She shrieked as she sunk deeper into the ice. “Shhhhh!” the enchanted trees said with their smooth wooden faces. Jacinta covered her mouth, but she kept sinking.



>attractive tree faces, men and women (trees) surrounding the pond. Jacinta covering her mouth, up to her waist in ice<



“Yell! Go ahead! Make noise!” said another tree. This one had jagged bark and a large, hooked nose. “SHHH!” yelled the other trees. The ugly one shouted right back.


>picture of a tree, a woman tree? But she is very ugly. In a tree- and human-sort of way<



Jacinta took a deep breath and yelled “STOP!” The ice around her shattered and she climbed out. She ran away from the wintery pond, remembering to thank the ugly tree for her help. “Good luck!” said the tree, waving her empty branches.



>the tree is waving, she has no leaves, the other trees have leaves and their arms are folded. Jacinta is waving too<



Jacinta left the ice behind her and came across a woman in the middle of a field. She was planting a seed in the ground. Jacinta water it for her. All of a sudden the plant sprang from the ground, carrying Jacinta and the woman with it.



>side view of Jacinta and women on flower, stem very high<



They were stuck at the top of the impossibly tall flower! But they came up with a plan. Holding tightly onto one of the seed stalks, Jacinta used her sword to chop it free from the back of the plant! She and the woman sailed down to the ground.


>Jacinta, with her sword out about to cut, and a bigger woman holding onto a dandelion thing that floats<



After they got safely down to the ground, the woman gave Jacinta one of her magic seeds to thank her for her help. Jacinta continued on her way until she came to a huge mountain. It was so steep it couldn’t be climbed. She felt very small standing in front of it.



>picture of Jacinta in front of huge cliff. Very sad tone, Jacinta looks small.<



Jacinta knocked on the door of a nearby cottage. Inside lived two women. When Jacinta asked them how to get over the mountain, they told her a riddle:



“It blocks your path but doesn’t breathe air.

It can’t exist if you don’t think it’s there.”


Jacinta thought and thought. “It’s fear!” she answered. “But how does that help me cross the mountain?” She realized the answer and went back to the mountain cliff.



>Jacinta is waving goodbye to the women in the door of cottage. They are waving and have their arms around each other’s waists. It will look like a normal couple’s pose. They will show slight signs of aging but still be beautiful.<



Jacinta walked straight through the cliff like it wasn’t even there. It was a magic trick! On the other side was a lush garden. From the spring flowed the clear magic water. Jacinta filled her canteen with it.




>Jacinta at the spring getting water<



Then she planted the seed and watered it with some of the magic water from the spring. This time it great so large Jacinta was above the clouds. She cut the stalk and steered herself back towards her home.


>Jacinta above the clouds, riding the dandelion seed, looking forward<



The water Jacinta brought back healed her brother. Her mother and father said she could keep the sword and map they had given her. There were many more locations on the map, and Jacinta decided that one day, she would explore them all!





>picture of little brother trying to hold Jacinta’s sword and Jacinta laughing<

I tried different drawing styles, I like the second style the best, the outline in black with color spray-painted on.


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