Collected works by Elle Shutty

I had to change the part with the talking trees because it was a little strange and confusing. I wanted there to be another challenge that Jacinta had to overcome, and I wanted someone who would be traditionally considered “ugly” to be the one to help her. So I streamlined that part and just had a woman with a large nose come and help get Jacinta out of the ice. I decided not to make the woman old because that was just adding to the stereotype that older women are unattractive. I also instinctively wanted to make her a witch but again this was playing into the “ugly crone” archetype and I wanted to have characters that were different. This did mean that I didn’t have any older women in the book, because I had changed the lesbian couple into young women instead of old. I didn’t want to associate “old” with any other nontraditional fairy tale attribute and so I left it off altogether. It also would have been hard to include a character who was beautiful despite her age because I would have to count on my drawing skills to get that across and I think it would fail horribly.

The pictures took way longer than I had been planning on, and even when I was done I couldn’t do all of the details and backgrounds I wanted. So I had to include either other, easier details (such as the heart above the lesbian couple to show that they are together) to get across what I couldn’t with my pictures. I also added more text in places to clarify things that I had intended to do with my drawings. Also the matter of making it available online and publishing it to the blog was very difficult. After multiple tries I settled on uploading images that were screenshots of the book pages in Microsoft Word. I think that makes it easiest to read and understand which pictures go on which page.


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