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What Is A Good Woman?

By Elizabeth Shutty

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Draw a perfect woman! Add details to show what she is like.

How close are you to being the perfect woman? What things do you have in common and in what ways are you different?

What did your drawing look like? Chances are that your woman had the following characteristics:

Beautiful and slender

Quiet or weak

Interested in marrying a man

Does your drawing match this description?

Most women and girls have a clear image in their heads of what it takes to be the perfect woman.

But where does this image come from?

If no one is ever taught what a perfect woman would be like, how did everyone get the same picture in their head?

The source of the image in your head comes from the world around you, with many pieces coming together to form what seems like a complete picture. Every movie you watch, commercial you see, and toy you buy has affected what you think women ought to be like.

It’s strange that you could learn something without trying, isn’t it?

On the next two pages I’m going to show you heroines and villains.



What differences did you notice?

Even if you hadn’t seen the movies, would you be able to tell the difference between the heroines and the villains of the movies?

What were their biggest differences?

The princesses were all beautiful and thin, but the evil women were mostly ugly. But does being ugly really make a woman evil?

All of the heroines are lying down and sobbing, whereas all of the evil women are standing and in positions of power.

Why are all of the strong, powerful women evil? And why must the good princesses be so weak and powerless?

Do you know of any strong women who you know are good people? Who?

After seeing princesses shown as weak, you now are inclined to think that is something a good woman needs to be. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Woman can be good AND strong. On the next page I’m going to show you famous, strong women who changed the world for the better. Shown: Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, Marie Curie.


What differences did you notice between the life stories of the villains and of the princesses? One difference is that all of the princesses ended up with a prince, where all of the evil women were not involved with a man.

Do all of the nice women you know have boyfriends or husbands?

Being in love with a man




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